Storm Damage Repair

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm

Storm damage roof repair in Athens, TX

Each year hail and wind cause damage to roofs in Texas. Our team at Athens Roofing Company will come out first to inspect, take photos, and document the damages for insurance purposes. We’re local and our heart is helping the communities nearby. Our hope is having us on your side after a devastating storm will make things just a little easier. Helping neighbors in Athens, Gun Barrel City, Mabank, Larue, Malakoff, Bradford, and Eustace, Texas.

Needed roofing repairs aren’t always easy to see

As you walk around your home, it may be hard to see damages, but a roofing contractor knows what to look for and what problems can result. Hail damage for example isn’t easily noticeable but can greatly weaken your roof’s integrity. Large hail can knock off granules from asphalt shingles weakening its weather resistance and eventually leading to cracking.

Damaged roof being replaced with new asphalt shingles

Get help with your roof insurance claim

Choosing a local roofing company when it comes to handling insurance claims and roof repairs is important. The most obvious reason is we’re not going anywhere! Our work is guaranteed and we see things through. Our team will get your roof restored as quickly as possible. Call us at 903-948-5150.

Get the local roofing help you need.

Call 903-948-5150!

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