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This depends on several factors. While all homes and businesses will have unique circumstances, here are some estimated timelines. If all supplies are delivered and we’re replacing the roof on an average-sized home, then one day for installation and cleanup is a good estimate. If we’re replacing a roof on a luxury home it could take 3-5 days. For storm-damaged roofs where an insurance claim has been filed, it could take a month from start to finish.

Again, this depends on several factors like square footage, pitch, and materials used, but Athens Roofing Company is one of the most affordable roofing companies in the area! We offer a free consultation and estimate.

Age-related roof repairs are not normally covered by your insurance policy. Roof damage caused by severe storms on the other hand is almost always covered by filing an insurance claim. Our team has helped countless homeowners get the repairs they needed and restore their roofs after a bad storm.

Of course! Roofing can get messy, especially when an old roof is torn off and discarded. We are very careful with cleanup to ensure that nails and other debris are not left in your yard. Your home or business will be left clean, and if it’s not to your satisfaction, we’ll gladly make a trip back out.

Yes, we install asphalt shingle roofing and metal commercial roofing for small buildings and small local businesses.

We don’t recommend this practice for several reasons. The excess weight added to your roof is not practical and your warranty on new roofing materials would be affected. Plus it’s impossible to see what’s under the old roofing material to inspect for water-damaged wood from past leaks.

There are a few things we tell homeowners. If you have loose valuable items hanging on your walls it might be best to remove them temporarily. Make sure your driveway is clear of vehicles and remove lawn chair cushions. If you have small children it’s always fun to explain to them what’s happening. And if you work from home, be sure to schedule your new roof replacement around your meetings because it can get loud when installing a new roof.

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